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5th April 2019

Joshua Ellis and the SFA – Creating beautiful products in the most sustainable way possible.

As a manufacturer of fine cashmere fabrics and accessories, the importance of sustainability within our industry is at the core of our business values.

It is vital that our cashmere fibre suppliers, their animals, and their land are well looked after and that is why we are proud to be working with the SFA.

What is the SFA?

The Sustainable Fibre Alliance was founded in 2015 and have been operating in Mongolia directly addressing the negative impacts of desertification created by the overgrazing pressure created by increased livestock numbers. Through the support of stakeholders and land management experts, the SFA developed the Rangeland Stewardship and Animal Husbandry and Fibre Harvesting Codes of Practice. This year, the SFA are set to engage over 4000 herding families in 35 regions, directly tackling the impacts of cashmere production by restoring grasslands, promoting animal welfare and improving the livelihoods and economic development of Cashmere goat herders.

This Spring, Kristie Reeves, Design Director at Joshua Ellis, will be visiting Mongolia to see firsthand the work SFA are doing. “Protecting the rights of the herders, the goats and the land are vital for our industry,” she said.

For more information on the SFA, click here.

The read more about our commitment to Social Responsibility, click here.

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