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12th May 2016

New Stock Supported Camelhair Qualities

Joshua Ellis & Co Ltd has been weaving cashmere and fine animal fibre fabrics and accessories since 1767, almost 250 years.

100% Camelhair

Situated in the heartland of the Yorkshire textile industry, a region with a longstanding textile manufacturing heritage supplying the global fashion industry, Joshua Ellis prides itself on its traditional craftsmanship, quality, expertise and consistency.

Our camelhair qualities are woven from the finest camel hair from camels raised on the grasslands of the Gobi Desert in Inner Mongolia. Joshua Ellis is able, using its skill and unique range of traditional and modern woollen finishing machinery, to carefully produce the finest quality. Once woven, this superfine fibre cloth is subjected to ten different woollen finishing processes – including using the traditional wooden milling box – to give a versatile fabric, perfect for casual and formal wear. Three weights are available: 100% Camelhair at 640 gms, and 100% Baby Camelhair at 340 gms and 520 gms, all in both Natural and Navy.

Due to their enduring and increasing popularity, we now offer these Camelhair qualities as part of our stock supported service. Contact us at marketing@joshuaellis.co.uk for more information.

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