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Lock & Co. Hatters London

Lock & Co. Hatters

Starting as an inconspicuous hat shop for the gentry in 1676, 340 years later Lock & Co. has become the iconic hatter for generations of discerning men and women. They work with Joshua Ellis fabrics to create exquisite hats of the highest quality.

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Revered for centuries-honed craftsmanship, Lock’s innovative designs have graced the heads of some of the greatest figures in history. Admiral Lord Nelson wore a bespoke bicorne into the Battle of Trafalgar. Sir Winston Churchill adopted the Cambridge and Homburg hats as his trademarks, as did Anthony Eden and numerous other British statesmen. Dashing author Oscar Wilde was a fedora fan, while the equally debonair Beau Brummell procured Lock hats as part of his sartorial repertoire. From across the pond came Franklin D Roosevelt and Jackie Onassis who made sure to visit for a hat and even today the shop sees a stream of international royalty, musicians, sportsmen and women, and actors alike.


Lock’s luxury hats are not only borne out of fashion, but also functionality, as the celebrated Coke (bowler) hat testifies. Named after nobleman Edward Coke, who commissioned Lock in 1849 to create a style hardy enough for his gamekeepers, the hat has transcended time to become a true classic, made all the more memorable by the silver screen: Bond villain Oddjob wore it in Goldfinger and Charlie Chaplin made it as much of his act as his moustache.


No matter the customer, what they have all come to expect from Lock is the best: the best designs, the best fabrics, the best service. These principles were established at the beginning by founder Robert Davis and continue to be upheld by the 10th generation of the family, who still run the business from the same shop at 6 St. James’s Street today. Two Royal Warrants attest to Lock’s commitment to quality that is trusted.


Lock & Co. women’s centres on two collections. The women’s ready-to-wear range offers timeless styles, with a sprinkling of seasonal pieces that set the hatting benchmark. Whilst Lock Couture showcases our most exquisite hats, handcrafted by the label’s new milliner Prudence.

For men, the Lock & Co. label offers our core classics. They include the celebrated hats, from the Bowler and Panama, to rollable trilbies and wide-brim fedoras. They also include our traditional caps, including flat caps made from British tweed, and infamous Baker Boy ‘Peaky Blinders’ six and eight-piece caps in hardy leathers and herringbone. Exclusive designs pepper the collection, such as an opulently embroidered velvet smoking cap and a leather-trimmed helmet that harks back to the explorer hats of the 19th century, each finished with our luxurious branding and presented in an iconic, white Lock hatbox.

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