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20th May 2019

Joshua Ellis and the SFA – Building Lasting Change for a Sustainable Cashmere Future.

The Sustainable Fibre Alliance was founded in 2015 and has been operating in Mongolia directly with herders.

Having a Positive Environmental impact

The increased demand for cashmere products from Mongolia is having a negative impact on the delicate ecosystems of the steppe where herding communities live and work. Most significantly, the overgrazing of livestock causing the loss of essential biosystems. SFA are there, engaging with herding communities, working on reducing the environmental impact of cashmere fibre processing through the introduction of the Rangeland Land Stewardship Code of Practice. Following this code, SFA accredited herders are directly contributing to the conservation efforts required to restore grassland.

This month at the SFA conference in Mongolia, members, stakeholders and industry partners will meet together with a common purpose to build lasting change.

To find out more about the partnership between Joshua Ellis and the SFA, click here.
To visit the SFA’s official website, click here.
To find out more about Joshua Ellis’ sustainability efforts, click here.

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