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Cashmere since 1767

Found in the harsh environmental conditions of the Mongolian mountains and plains, long haired Cashmere goats live amongst the nomadic people.

The goats withstand these conditions with their double fleece, one layer consisting of a soft and fine undercoat and another which is coarser and straighter. In the spring the soft undercoat begins to shed and is then combed off the goat and this is the fibre we use in all Joshua Ellis fabrics and accessories.

Cashmere goats are combed in the late spring to ensure that the animals are kept as warm as possible during the winter months, and new hair re-growth is encouraged by new grazing.

Escorial Wool

Escorial wool, luxurious and rare, comes from a small sheep which is grazed in limited numbers in Australia and New Zealand.  These sheep originate from the Spanish Royal flocks of El Escorial, and the resilient yet soft touch is down to the natural properties of their wool.  

The fibre naturally acts like a coiled spring which means the fabrics and accessories it creates have incredible resilience as well as a wonderfully soft touch.

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One of the rarest animals of South America, the Vicuna are often referred to as “Princess of the Andes” and live in areas such as south-eastern Peru, north-eastern Chile, western Bolivia and north-western Argentina.

Vicuna fibres are extremely rare, and are cherished for its warmth and softness.

Sensitive to chemical treatments and so usually left in natural colours, Vicunas fibre is widelyregarded as the softest and finest natural fibre in the world.

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Originating from North America but more recently farmed in China and Mongolia, like the cashmere
goat the camel has two coats, one consisting of a soft undercoat of finer fibre and one made of
longer course hair.

Camelhair creates a beautiful fabric famed for its soft handle and resistance to the elements!

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